Solving California's Climate Puzzle Requires All The Pieces


Achieving California's climate goals is complex and advanced biofuels must play a crucial role.

Adopting Renewable Diesel and Biodiesel will contribute to a cleaner, healthier, and more energy-independent California. 

The Benefits of Advanced Biofuels

Commercially Available Now

Unlike some alternative energy sources, renewable diesel and biodiesel are readily available and deployable at-scale across a variety of transportation uses including heavy-duty trucking, emergency vehicles, bus fleets and farm equipment.

Reducing Carbon

Renewable diesel and biodiesel combat climate change and can reduce carbon emissions by up to 79%. 

Improving Air Quality

By reducing harmful emissions and particulate matter, renewable diesel and biodiesel contribute to cleaner air and better visibility. 

Creating Healthier Communities

Renewable diesel and biodiesel reduces health risks such as respiratory issues, heart disease, and other ailments, particularly for vulnerable populations. 







Advanced Biofuels in Use


San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority (SFMTA)
Hybrid-Biodiesel Buses

Former SFMTA Director Ed Reisken said, “This change to renewable diesel reflects the high value that the SFMTA places on sustainability and recognition of our role in addressing climate change through sustainable transportation.”
Since 2015, San Francisco has used MUNI buses that are powered by renewable diesel, providing better air quality, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and an improved Muni commute for everyone.
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City of Oakland Adopts Renewable Diesel

The City of Oakland was the first major city in North America to adopt the use of renewable diesel in 2015. Now, the city’s fleet uses renewable diesel in all its diesel-powered equipment.

The Assistant Director of Public Works, Richard Battersby, said “Although at first renewable diesel seemed too good to be true, it truly has proven to be a ‘miracle fuel.’ Making the switch to renewable diesel is absolutely the easiest alternative fuel implementation that I have ever experienced.”
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Monterey-Salinas Converts Heavy Duty Fleet
to Renewable Diesel

In the Summer of 2021, Monterey-Salinas Transit converted its entire heavy-duty fleet to 100% renewable diesel.

By making the switch the renewable diesel, MST expects to see an annual reduction of greenhouse gases of 20,148 metric tons of carbon dioxide. That’s equivalent to removing over 4,300 cars from the road.
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